Healthy pasta salad

Discover a variety of delicious and healthy pasta salad recipes that are perfect for any occasion. Upgrade your meal with these refreshing and nutritious dishes.
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High Protein Pasta Salad

Are you tired of the same old boring salads for lunch? Do you want to add some variety to your diet while still getting the necessary protein? Look no further than High Protein Pasta Salad!

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Healthy Creamy Pasta Salad -Hannah Magee RD

Perfect for bringing to your next potluck or BBQ, this healthy tuna pasta salad comes together in just 20 minutes! Packed with vegetables and canned tuna, it features short noodles coated in a lusciously creamy Greek yogurt dressing.Serve this tuna pasta salad cold with an extra sprinkling of salt and pepper.

Monique Norris
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Easy Greek Pasta Salad (Healthy)

This fresh, easy Greek chickpea pasta salad recipe is healthy, gluten-free, high in protein, and comes together in under 30 minutes! It's tossed in a tangy, light vinaigrette, filled with fresh veggies, and made with Banza chickpea pasta for extra protein.

Rachel Judge
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Healthy Mediterranean Pasta Salad

Savory and bold in flavor, this Healthy Mediterranean Pasta Salad is made with bean or whole-wheat pasta, an oregano vinaigrette, fresh veggies and briny olives. Perfect as a side dish, lunch, or all-in-one meal!

Colleen Braunitzer