Haunted asylums

Delve into the eerie world of haunted asylums and uncover the chilling stories and dark history behind these haunting places. Experience the spine-tingling thrill of exploring these paranormal hotspots.
Awesome Halloween Asylum Exterior Decor - Love the imagination of this homeowner! Halloween Ideas, Halloween, Decoration, Holidays Halloween, Haunted House, Halloween House, Fall Halloween, Halloween Haunt, Halloween Party

So now you know the concept and seen the invite, of course there had to be some exterior decor to match. (Prior year's themes have been spider infestation, skeleton invasion and freak show). Welcome to our madhouse... The neighbors and passing kids seem to get a kick out of it so I'm happy. We've even had a few people who sneak in the gate and take photos of themselves with our fine doctor. Hee-hee. It could use a little more filler in the form of spider webs and rubber rats but I didn't…

Deb Moon