Happy birthday guitar chords

Learn how to play Happy Birthday on guitar with these easy-to-follow chords. Impress your friends and family with your musical skills and make their birthdays extra special.
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https://guitar.monster/blog/tab/ https://toonzoom.com/animate/?m=guitar-tab Happy Birthday is probably the most popular song in history. Everyone gets a serenade of this famous song at least once a year. The song was originally written by a school teacher and her sister, with a different name of...

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In this guitar lesson, I’m going to teach you an easy way to play “Happy Birthday” on guitar. This song is perfect for beginner guitar players. First, I am going to show you the traditional chords that a lot of people play with this song. Then I am going to teach you an upgraded version. Finally, I’ll show you some strumming patterns and how to change the pitch to fit your singing voice better. To make this guitar song easy, we’re going to play this in the key of G.

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