Hang 10

Learn how to hang 10 like a pro with these top tips and tricks. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced surfer, this guide will help you improve your technique and catch the perfect wave.
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My tumblr sometimes just shows beautiful pictures, and others it shows my views on numerous subjects. I am level two Reiki, love crystals, organic food, ethical shopping and eating healthily, which means a mainly vegetarian diet, due in part to the horrendous suffering of animals bred to feed us. I'm interested in Buddhism and Paganism, loving the earth and animals, trying to do my little bit to make this planet a better place. None of the pictures posted are my own unless otherwise stated…

Zoe Zoncki
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Every year, extreme hammock enthusiasts gather in high spots around the world to push the limits of what can be seen as a relaxing hangout. While the rest of us would probably prefer hanging out in a hammock next to the beach with a nice cold drink under a palm tree, these adrenaline junkies have turned a relaxing summer favorite into an extreme sport.