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License Image posterior (dorsal hand) The bones of the hand consist of 14 phalanges, 5 metacarpals, and 8 carpals. The carpal bones are the: 1. trapezium 2. trapezoid 3. capitate 4. hamate 5. pisiform (not shown) 6. triquetrum 7. lunate 8. scaphoid See Also:Hand X RayHand Bones

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Anatomical diagram of the bones of the right and left hand, forearm, and elbow Skeletal Hand, Skeletal Arm Drawing, Skeletal Hand Drawing, Skeletal, Skeletal Hands Drawing, Bones In Hand, Anatomy Bones, Arm Bones, Arm Anatomy

Copperplate engraving--Cf. Choulant, L. Anatomic illustration, p. 331. Right forearm and hand in supine anterior position (fig. 1), left forearm and hand in semipronate position (fig. 2). Accompanying text identifies the bones in the arm and the position of the hands. Title supplied by cataloger.

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