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Uncover the captivating tales of the powerful goddesses in Greek mythology. Learn about their roles, personalities, and influence in ancient Greek culture.
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Themis, also known as Lady Justice, was the Greco-Roman Titan-goddess of divine law, judgement and order. She was one of the daughters of Gaia and Ouranos, and became a consort of Zeus and Lucifer, both of whom she had several children; the first generation of Horae with Zeus and the second generation with Lucifer. She is often depicted carrying a scale and blindfold, showing her true neutrality during judgement, as well as carrying a bronze sword. The personification of abstract concepts is…

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Why Ancient Greek Mythology is vital to a child’s education Before starting this post, I feel like I should re-introduce myself for those of you who don’t know me. Hello, I am Efstathia and I come from Greece. I started this blog which later on turned into an e-shop because I believe in Values Based […]

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