Explore a variety of creative gourd crafts and decor ideas to add a unique touch to your home. Get inspired and start your own gourd project today.
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How to Make a Beautiful Gourd Birdhouse Every morning I wake up at 7 AM and drink a cup of black coffee. I sit in my recliner with my feet up and watch the birds play in my red gourd birdhouse as the sun rises behind them. I tap dance to my chair each morning with excitement wondering what my ... Read More

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Find out when to plant ornamental gourds in your garden. Birdhouse and dipper gourds are hard-shell or Lagenaria varieties, while daisy and spoon gourds are soft-shell or Cucurbita types. If you have a short growing season, start gourd seeds indoors in early spring. #planting #gourds #garden

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Some of the articles on these pages were written by Chuck Abare. My thanks to him for sharing some of the knowledge he’s gained from his years of study on this subject. I consider Chuck to be an expert on Purple Martins, and using natural gourds for their housing. He has helped me greatly with designing suitable lodging for this wonderful ... Read More

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Discover how to plant gourd seeds indoors and in the garden and harvest hard-shell gourds at the end of the growing season. Growing gourds is fun, whether you grow them for making a birdhouse or using ornamental gourds for decoration. #grow #gourds #seed

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