Gouache Painting

Discover the vibrant world of gouache painting and get inspired to create stunning artworks. Learn techniques, tips, and tricks to master this versatile medium and unleash your creativity.
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It’s no secret that gouache is my favorite medium to paint with, but you may be wondering what it is and how you can get started with gouache painting. In this post, I’ll share the magic of gouache with you so you can feel confident in trying this medium out for yourself.

Shirley Carey
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I'm painting a gouache landscape for a postcard swap I host in my Membership this week. In March, the topic was ‘gouache landscapes,’ which is the perfect excuse for painting more gouache landscapes. We are sending a postcard to another member, and it’s so nice to receive one! https://youtu.be/Nc1WEcryc-0

Cecile Yadro

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