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Discover the charm and talent of JB from the popular K-pop group GOT7. Explore his mesmerizing performances, soulful vocals, and captivating personality that have made him a fan favorite.
MINE. [I.J.B. x Reader] - Part.34 - Wattpad Jaebum Got7, I Got 7, 남자 몸, Got7 Jb, Got7 Jackson, Kim Yugyeom, Mark Tuan, Jackson Wang, Fan Fiction

"Don't" she managed to mumble in a broken voice. "Don't what?" I asked with tears clearly visible in my eyes. "Don't leave me. Please." I could hear her break out into low sobs. I turned around slowly to face her without letting her hands move from my waist. I tangled one hand in her beautiful, soft but messy hair and the other hand around her waist so delicately that I felt like if I didn't she'd break. She traced her hands up my back stopping around my shoulder blades gripping that area of…

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