Goat kefir

Discover the amazing benefits of goat kefir for improving gut health and boosting immunity. Incorporate this probiotic-rich drink into your daily routine for a healthier you.
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Equipment:1 x fermenting jar or bottleCheesecloth or nut milk bagStrainerLarge BowlPlastic spoon1 x small jar to store cream cheese Ingredients:2 cups organic milkTbsn Milk Kefir Grains MethodStep 1:Add milk and kefir grains to a fermenting jar or bottle and either cover with cheesecloth and a band or loosely clo

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Welcome to our kefir help section. We want you to enjoy your kefir and your brewing experience so we have compiled a list of the most commonly asked kefir questions. I have left my new grains for 24 hours in milk (or sugar water if water kefir) but nothing has happened are they dead? No your grains are not dead they

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