Gerrit dou

Experience the timeless beauty of Gerrit Dou's paintings. Explore the masterpieces of this renowned Dutch artist and be captivated by his meticulous attention to detail and masterful use of light and shadow.
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Gerard Dou (Gerrit Douw, Gerard Douw) Leiden 1613 - 1675 Der Pfeifenraucher / Man Smoking a Pipe (ca. 1650) Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam A young man leans on a window ledge, smoking a pipe and looking out at us. Dou was a master of illusionism. The open book on the sill seems to protrude from the window into our space, and the green curtain hanging from the copper rod is so realistically painted that we are tempted to draw it farther back. However, the painting’s small size gives away the…

Ahmad Tareq