Geraniums red

Enhance your garden with vibrant red geraniums. Discover how these beautiful flowers can add a burst of color and charm to your outdoor space. Get inspired with our top ideas and create a stunning garden getaway.
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BIG RED CALLIOPE This is no ordinary GERANIUM The impact of the large intense red blooms is the first thing that tells you that Geranium Calliope Big Red is no ordinary geranium.Geranium Calliope Big Red was developed by crossing zonal (upright) geraniums with ivy (trailing) geraniums. This has created a plan with show-stopping intense red

Glenda Arias
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2017 AAS Ornamental Vegetative Winner With an outstanding deep red velvety flower color and great branching habit, Calliope® was unmatched in the AAS Trials when compared to other market varieties. Calliope® Medium Dark Red geranium is an interspecific hybrid with zonal-type flowers and leaves. This AAS Winner has a mounded, semi-spreading growth habit with strong stems supporting the flower heads that are loaded with deep red blossoms. These plants work great in containers, combination…