Gala apples

Discover mouthwatering recipes featuring Gala apples and indulge in the sweet and crisp flavors of this popular apple variety. Get inspired to create a delectable treat for your taste buds.
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Do you know what your favorite apple variety is? With so many different varieties around the world, we sat down and did a taste test of 7 different varieties found in Western Canada. We looked at the apples on a few different scales, judging them in relation to each other based on their tartness, sweetness, juiciness and crunchiness. […]

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Above: Okanagan apples currently in season (as of mid September). Keep an eye out for more varieties at the market later in October! Gala Apples Taste & Texture: Sweet, firm. Fun Fact: Gala apples originated in New Zealand. The name “Royal Gala” began when Queen Elizabeth deemed them her favourite. Now we just shorten it […]

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