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The black creature of the east 🖤🧟‍♀️ Humour, Villain Names, Fantasy Names, Name Games, Funny Name Generator, Character Names, Scenario Game, Name Generator, Funny Names

What is your fantasy VILLAIN title? 1) MONTH of Birthday: Jan.) The Blaclk Feb.) The Vengeful Mar.) The Dark Apr.)The Red May)The Cursetd June) The Savage July) The White Aug.) The Ugly Sep.) The Treacherous Oct.) The Blue Nov.) The Wicked Dec.) The Green 2) DAY of Birthday: 1) Gargoyle 2) Goblin 3) Creature 4) King/Queen 5) Witch/Warlook 6) Guardian T) Fairy 8) Knight 9) Elf 10) Assassin 11) Sorcerer/Sorceress26) Troll 12) Giant 13) Werewolf 14) Wizard 15) Ogre 16) Beast 17) Dragon 18)…

Ashleigh Carlson
What's your Animal Spirit Name? White-throated Taiga Owl Humour, Pre K, What Animal Are You, Whats Your Spirit Animal, Your Spirit Animal, Spirit Animal, Animal Quiz, Spirit Guides, Cool Names

One day last week at work, myself and some of the other rangers were, for some reason or another, infatuated with "spirit animals". We decided that we needed to figure out what each ranger's spirit animal was. In some cases the choice was based on perceived resemblance, but mostly it was based on personality. Then later in the week someone passed around a sheet that promised to show you what your "blues name" was. I decided to modify the "blues name" sheet and create a "spirit animal" one…

Teddy Lupin - Holly Burrell