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Get ready to laugh your heart out with these funny dance moves. Learn how to groove like a pro and impress your friends on the dance floor.
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At just two years old, William Stokkebroe became an overnight sensation when a video of him energetically dancing to Elvis Presley's "Jailhouse Rock" went viral. In the video, William, with no hint of shyness, takes over the dance floor, showcasing moves that are impressively synchronized with the music. His parents, Kristina and Peter Stokkebroe, who

Marty Colbert
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Lily Hackney is a 9-year-old dancer who performed a breathtaking contemporary dance for the Hall of Fame Lakeland 2022. She ended up placing in 6th place in the competition. The young girl entered the stage with confidence and poise. She had an awe-inspiring presence to her that seemed well beyond her youthful years. Then she

Cyn Hall
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Jerry Lewis is an American actor who is perhaps best known for his comedies and slapstick humor. He, along with Dean Martin, made the hilarious comedy duo, Martin and Lewis. He is respected and has been honored by his contributions in comedy, and he has also used his fame towards activism for muscle dystrophy awareness.

Earl Churchwell
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There’s something in the way he moves that makes everyone who watches this instantly want to smile. Meet Sven Otten. He recorded this video to see what he looked like as he danced in much the same way athletes rewatch their performances to improve their game. After he uploaded it to his YouTube account, it quickly caught on

Jennifer McNally
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At her ballet recital, Rianna took the liberty of creative freedom. During the three dances her group of 6 girls performed, she added her own flair and personality. After a brief intro dance, where Rianna danced perfectly alongside the other 5 girls, she started diving into her own dance. With an extra spin and a

Cindy Beard