Friends 30th birthday episode

Relive the hilarious moments from the iconic TV show Friends with the unforgettable 30th birthday episode. Join Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe as they throw a birthday bash filled with laughter and surprises.
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Chandler. Ross. Joey. Monica. Rachel. Phoebe. Expect lots of reblogs, quotes, pictures, music, videos, questions, and random facts. LINKS fuckyeahfriends fuckyeahchandlerbing fuckyeahphoebebuffay fuckyeahmatthewperry dailyfriends uglynakedguy rossandrachel Everything I know in life I learned from Friends Follow. Enjoy. Share. :) Didn't find what you were looking for? Submit your own posts here. Recommend FFFRIENDS here. Feel free to use the search box. I've…

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OK, let's be real: You're actually 30 for, like, three years, because you've been preparing for/freaking out about this age since you hit your mid-twenties. Get over it, you lil weenie! If it weren't for 90% of people sending themselves into a goddamn tizzy all because there's a "3" in front of their age now, 30 would easily be No. 1 BECAUSE BEING 30 IS AWESOME. Too bad you're too busy counting all the non-existent lines on your face and crying yourself to sleep every night because you're…

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