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Enhance your photography skills with free online courses. Learn from expert photographers and take your photos to the next level. Start your journey now and capture stunning images.
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The job market is uber-competitive right now. If you’ve ever applied for a job or internship you know the list of qualifications is often mile high and the bar is constantly being raised. In order to compete in this job market for almost anything, you need to be a self-starter who has their shit d

Ashley Musick
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I am a self-taught photographer. As far as I can remember I have always been taking photos since my young age. It was something common in my family and a way to capture memories along the years. It is only since 2015 that I started taking photography more seriously and that I bought my first camera: the Sony a5000.It was a mirrorless camera, very user friendly that helped me to …


The 5 Day Photo Formula is a self paced workshop for new photographers that teaches you essential photography techniques, in a unique framework, so you can get better photos in under a week, and in just 30 minutes a day 🙌

Lorrie Look