Frank Frazetta

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Frank Frazetta's legendary art. Discover the iconic characters, breathtaking landscapes, and powerful storytelling of this renowned artist.
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Frank Frazetta's Fantasy World

One of our favorite Fantasy Artists at Dark Art & Craft is master oil painter Frank Frazetta. Over his long career Frazetta produced detailed art for Conan the Barbarian, Tarzan, John Carter of Mars and countless others. Frazetta defined the Fantasy and Science-Fiction art genres and at the same time transcended the rather orthodox world of pulp book covers and comic art to make his own name.

Javier Agredo
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The epic on epic fantasy art of Frank Frazetta in its first UK retrospective

Not many artists could boast their work evoked a righteous chalice gesture to the heavens. But then not many artists have had as important an impact on high-fantasy art as Frank Frazetta. You think you don't know who he is but you do – if you have ever listened to or stood near someone who listens to heavy metal, read comics, pulp fantasy fiction, or find meaning in the combinations of words "rogue roman," "moon maid," and "wither wing," then you know who Frank Frazetta is.

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