Forms of birth control

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Non-Hormonal Forms of Birth Control — Nourish with Bella

This post focuses on the different forms of non-hormonal birth control, how to use them, healthy benefits, potential downfalls, effectiveness with perfect use, and efficacy with typical use.

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How to Reduce the Side Effects of Hormonal Birth Control

“I’ve been considering starting hormonal birth control, but I’m concerned about the side effects,” Natasha shared in her first visit. Like many women considering hormonal birth control, she wasn’t ready to start a family and she felt apprehensive that other methods would work for her. “It’s true that just like your natural hormones, synthetic hormones can affect every system in ... Read More

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Getting Pregnant After Stopping Birth Control

Just stopped, or thinking about stopping birth control, and curious how long it will take to get pregnant? Read our guide. All popular forms of birth control covered. By Dr. Mare Mbaye How long does birth control stay in your system after you stop taking it? The short answer is that for the most part, it doesn’t. And while many women believe that the effects of their contraceptive of choice linger after they stop using it, that's a myth. Furthermore, there have been several studies looking…