Force of evil

Dive into the world of darkness and embrace the force of evil. Discover sinister ideas and unleash your inner wickedness for a thrilling experience.
Tom Lucitor, Star Y Marco, Baby Toms, Star Force, Arte Do Kawaii, The Forces Of Evil, Star Butterfly, Star Vs The Forces Of Evil, Star Vs The Forces

Tom x Reader *COMPLETED* - Chapter 6

Y/n hasn't had much of an exciting life over their 17 years of life. Everything seemed to be so boring, until Star came into her life. Star brought magic, excitement, and adventure. Star also brought Tom; Tom, the demon with anger-management problems that once dated Star. And it seems that's still his wishes. But how much can change after he meets y/n? Author's Note: It's done! Finally! If you like it comment I try to answer all of them :3 If you really like it leave a vote. Thanks for…