Foot Scrub

Give your tired feet some TLC with these invigorating foot scrub ideas. Discover natural ingredients and DIY recipes to soothe and exfoliate your feet for a spa-like experience. : Callus Remover for Feet | Double-Sided Foot Scrub -Foot File -Dead Skin Remover -Foot Rasp for Exfoliation -Wet & Dry Feet Scrubber for Smoothing & Softening Feet -Pedicure Tool for Foot Care : Beauty & Personal Care Pedicure, Foot Exfoliation, Exfoliate Dead Skin Cells, Foot Scrub, Foot Callus, Hair Loss Natural Remedy, Dry Skin, Dry Foot, Callus Remedies

About this item Double-sided Foot File - This All-In-One Pedicure tool and foot scrubber has two sides of blades.The first side removes thick Callus, Cracked heels and Dead skin. The other side is used for smoothening and softening of the feet after exfoliation. Built-In Catcher, More Hygienic - The built-in foot-scrub catcher collects any residue as it falls giving you a mess-free experience. This foot file callus remover for feet is extremely efficient, Easy to Clean and Hassle free…

Keela Jordan

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