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Follow the prophet

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Follow the Prophet Flip Chart & Lyrics - Primary Singing

Are you already picking out all your songs for the new year ahead? Follow the Prophet Flip Chart is one of my favorites to pull out whenever it gets close to General Conference or to

Add A Pinch Of Sparkle: Come Follow Me: Object Lesson: Follow the Prophet.

Today I want to share a fun object lesson idea I found here. I used it for my recent lesson on following the prophet in Young Women. I think the girls enjoyed it. I set out two identical boxes on a table. Inside one box I put some candy and I left the other box empty (I added the tissue paper so you couldn't hear the candy rolling around). I left the boxes closed and asked the girls to raise their hands to indicate which box they would choose. About half chose each box. When I asked them why…

Follow the Prophet Wiggle Cards - pick a card sing that verse that way. Singing time

I’ve been pondering on how I can teach all nine verses of “Follow the Prophet” song from the LDS Children Song Book which is the theme song for March 2015 in the current 2015 Shar…

CoZy BuGz: Why Is It Important To Listen To And Follow The Living Prophets?

Get this week's lesson here. Once upon a time, my husband and I were team teachers for the ward's Sunbeam class. It was one of the funnest callings I ever had! I remember us giving a lesson about following the prophet and finding a big, ugly beard from our Halloween costumes, a cozy robe, and a towel for a shepherd's hat. Each Sunbeam took a turn being dressed up like and old, biblical prophet as we sang "Do as I'm Doing" and "followed" the prophet. Not sure if the girls would appreciate…

Follow the Prophet Home Centered

sing Follow the Prophet at home or in singing time using these fun prophet sticks using Susan fitch illustrations, how to teach Follow the Prophet

Great sharing time idea for October 2015. Would also make a great FHE before or after General Conference!

Sharing Time Ideas from the 2015 Outline Introduce the doctrine: Have the children stand and read Doctrine and Covenants 1:38 out loud together. Explain that prophets are servants of Jesus Christ. …

Printable Follow the Prophet Riddles

Use logic and fun to see if the kids can figure out which prophet in this cute printable Follow the Prophet Riddles game for LDS Primary Singing Time or CFM.

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The tomb of Umm Haram (the maternal aunt of the prophet SAW) Larnaca, Cyprus, one year ago today One day the prophet SAW was sleeping in the house of Umm haram. The prophet SAW, woke up smiling after seeing a dream and the following hadith is reported between Umm haram and the prophet SAW: "What makes you smile, O Messenger of Allah?” He said,”Some people of my ummah were shown to me (in my dream) fighting in the way of Allah, sailing in the middle
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Learn how Muslims calculate which day is Eid ul Adha, by sighting the new moon of the Islamic month called Dhul Hajj. Eid ul Adha is the festival after Hajj, the Pilgrimage in Islam to Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Muslims remember the story of Prophet Abraham who loved Allah. Hajj is mentioned in the Holy Quran. Find out how the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) would celebrate Eid and how Muslims follow his Sunnah or practice from ahadith (traditions).
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