Floral ice

Add a touch of elegance to your drinks with stunning floral ice cubes. Explore creative ideas to impress your guests and elevate your beverage experience.
Floral Ice Cube DIY - Hej Doll | Simple modern living by Jessica Doll. Floral, Brunch, Art, Flowers, Summer, Floral Ice Bucket, Floral Ice Cubes, Flower Ice Cubes, Flower Ice

As this summer comes to an end I always feel like the longer days and hectic start of school give way to slower weekends and enjoying time with friends before the season changes. Lots of time is spent outdoors in an almost hygge-like state, savoring every last bit of warmth that summer has to offer. Today I’m sharing a very easy, yet poignant Floral Ice Cube DIY. I was inspired by Ashley Kane Harper who was inspired by Disco Cubes and I hope you’ll be inspired too.

Jessica Doll / Hej Doll