Father ted

Indulge in the comedic brilliance of Father Ted, a must-watch sitcom that will have you in stitches. Join Father Ted and his fellow misfit priests on their hilarious adventures in Craggy Island.
Kicking Bishop Brennan by Sakurako Kitsa, via Flickr    Father Ted is one of the funniest, no THE funniest sit com! Humour, Comedy, Bobs, British, Comedians, Father Ted, Father, Greats, British Comedy

A closeup of the photo in my dollhouse, in response to all of those asking for it. I have no idea where I would have gotten this image; I haven't worked on the dollhouse in a few years and it's been even longer since I put this in there. I did look and you're right...there aren't any staged photos like this out there. Sorry the resolution is lousy, but this is what I have and it looks more or less okay printed out as a 5x7" photo. Hope this helps.

DeAnn Stolrow Stopper