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Explore innovative ideas to make your farmers market booth stand out from the crowd. Discover ways to attract customers and increase sales as a farmers market vendor.
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Saturday morning, I woke up with a sore throat, headache, slight fever, and just feeling blah. :( I believe it's a head cold. I got up and got ready to go because I had to meet some coworkers at the mall for an event we had to do. I left a little early so I could hit up the downtown farmers market to get some farm fresh veggies. It was a cloudy, rain any minute kinda morning so it wasn't busy at all at the time I got there. I haven't been to this market in some time. The layout is a little…

mohammad al
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Farmers’ markets require a lot of work to prepare for. Chances are, you’ll be tired the morning of the event and have a lot of thoughts running through your head (what if I don’t sell anything? Do I have enough stock? I wonder if it’s going to rain?). A checklist is extremely handy...

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