Fairy tail gruvia

Relive the captivating moments of Fairy Tail's Gruvia relationship. Explore the heartfelt scenes and romantic development between Gray and Juvia in this enchanting anime series.
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Note: If you are looking for the parallel, Edolas couple, see Edo Gruvia. Gruvia (グレジュビ Gurejubi) is a canon pairing between Fairy Tail Mages, Gray Fullbuster and Juvia Lockser. They have mutual romantic feelings. Gray Fullbuster (グレイ・フルバスター Gurei Furubasutā) is a Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild, wherein he is a member of Team Natsu. Gray's most prominent feature is his spiky black-colored hair. He has dark blue eyes, and his body is toned and muscular. After the mission on Galuna Island, he…

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