Fairy lights in a jar aesthetic

Transform your space with the enchanting glow of fairy lights in a jar. Discover creative ideas to bring a magical and aesthetic touch to any room or event.
Printable Mason jar for week 6 Firefly Watercolor Tutorial! Mason Jars, Diy, Luz, Fairy, Bright, Mason, Firefly, Fireflies, Firefly Drawing

Week 6 is upon us, and I am SO excited for tomorrow's tutorial: Fireflies in a Jar - Watercolor Painting! If you joined us for our very first tutorial (the animal watercolor), you learned a little trick about how to do a fast and easy graphite transfer. If you didn't see that one, no worries - I will walk you through it again tomorrow. But basically, this method helps to get a nice image onto your watercolor paper to make your composition & painting a bit easier!For tomorrow's painting, I'm…

Bianca Rosati
How to Hide Battery Pack on Fairy Lights

Lighting up the pathway with these cute and colorful fairy lights is such a delight. They’re easy to install, too! Hide your battery pack inside them for an undetectable effect. You Can Check It Out to https://www.brightlighthub.com/how-to-hide-battery-pack-on-fairy-lights/

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