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Discover how to create your own refreshing facial sprays at home. Elevate your skincare routine and keep your skin hydrated and revitalized with these easy-to-make DIY recipes.
Photo carrousel of DIY watermelon face mist. First photo shows the homemade watermelon spray in a glass spray bottle surrounded by fresh watermelon pieces and a pretty makeup bag. Second photo shows a flatlay of watermelon face spray ingredients in various bowls and beakers, including watermelon powder, aloe vera powder, glycerin, panthenol, and allantoin. Text overlay: refreshing watermelon face mist recipe for dewy, glowing skin. Homemade Skin Care, Homemade Beauty Products, Tattoos, Diy Skin Care Recipes, Glow Recipe Watermelon Spray, Diy Face Mist, Facial Mist, Aloe Vera Powder, Aloe Vera For Skin

Learn how to make a watermelon face mist DIY for dewy, glowing skin. It's not a Glow Recipe Watermelon Spray dupe or a Trader Joe's Watermelon Face Mist dupe, but you can still get a watermelon glow at home with this easy summer face mist recipe! Make this watermelon skincare DIY with a few natural ingredients, including: glycerin, allantoin, panthenol, aloe vera powder, and real watermelon powder.

Barbara Burger
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Today’s facial mist recipe was inspired by a recipe request and a cult favourite herb-spiked super-hydrating face spritz. Anuradha requested “a facial spritzer… something calming [and] refreshing,” and the product she linked to featured aloe vera and a selection of herbal … Continue reading →

Holly Dimitrie