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Discover the endless possibilities of fabric paper for your DIY crafts and projects. Get inspired and start creating beautiful and unique creations with this versatile material.
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Ever heard of paper cloth? How about fabric paper? I hadn’t either until I was browsing Pinterest one day and came across this interesting hybrid of mixed media. It is exactly as the name would suggest. It is a combination of paper and fabric bound together using a watery glue. It seemed like a fun

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"Paper cloth" is a very unscientific term for combining scraps of papers on fabric. It creates a sturdy new material that you can sew, cut, collage and play with. I've seen it here and there, but thought you needed a little tutorial to get you stated. You glue small pieces of paper onto a larger

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Precious.DianaTrout Fabric Paper (paper cloth) rocks. It is a simple technique that yields a material with all of the fabulousity of paper: you can draw, paint, cut. The stuff retains all of the flexibility and strength of cloth. You can stitch away with no worries of compromising the integrity. Handstitching...

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True-Blue Recycled Paper From Old Jeans: There is untapped potential in glass jars, old pallets, junk mail—all of it. Finding new uses for the flood of post-consumer leftovers which surrounds us is a puzzle, a delight, and more important than ever. By day, I am a freelance writer covering …

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How to Dye Fabric With Tissue Paper (I Made It at TechShop!): First of all, let me say that you will need "bleeding" tissue paper. It is designed so that the colors bleed out of the paper. You can do an online search and find several places that sell it. You will also need a fabric that wil…

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