Etched brass jewelry

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I have a bunch of alcohol inks I've had for years (yes years - maybe 10?) so I decided to do some test pieces. I poured different colours this one was a single color this one a mix after drying - sanded and then dipped in permalac ef - note that the permalac thined the colors and it ran - sort of looked cool as these alcohol inks are transparent - I like the effect the single color although not as vibrant as the other patinas - gives a different kind of effect this sampler came out really…

Brenda Marhon
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Etching Brass and Copper with Ferric Chloride Materials needed: Ferric Chloride Solution for etching - I found this solution at the local Radio Shack Gloves, safety glasses, apron Glass or plastic dish to hold etching solution Dish for water/baking soda rinse Clear packing tape Sharpie markers, or other resist copper or brass to etch Green scotchbrite pad for cleaning copper Safety First: Make sure to read all safety precautions that come with your feric chloride solution. Use good…

Rose Carreiro