Essential oil lotion recipe

Make your own luxurious and nourishing lotion using essential oils. Discover a simple recipe to create a homemade lotion that will leave your skin feeling smooth and hydrated.
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Easy homemade lotion that is non greasy and great for sensitive skin Cracked dry skin from over washing? This recipe for homemade lotion is perfect for use on hands, body and face. It can be used on sensitive skin, and works wonders for those with acne, scarring, or eczema. This easy DIY lotion is made with shea butter and

Susan Landis
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DIY Recipe for how to make an all natural homemade lotion scented with essential oils. Discover the art of crafting your own luxurious DIY natural lotion infused with the captivating essence of essential oils! Embrace the power of nature and elevate your skincare routine with our easy-to-follow recipe.

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