Epoxy resin supplies

Get all the essential epoxy resin supplies you need for your DIY projects. Explore top-quality products to create stunning resin art and crafts at home.
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About this item Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin - Pixiss perfectly clear epoxy resin. Non-toxic low odor, self leveling and high gloss. With a temperature resistance of 150°C/300°F Pixiss diamond resin is perfect for coasters, ashtrays and more. 17 ounce set. 8.5 fl. oz part A and 8.5 fl. oz. part B. Epoxy Resin Mixing Kit & Supplies - 2 10ml syringes, 10 3ml pipettes, 10 1oz disposable plastic cups, 20 6-inch Pixiss wood mixing sticks, needle nose tweezers, 10 finger cots, 15x11" silicone mat, 2…