Empty fireplace ideas

Discover unique and stylish ideas to transform your empty fireplace into a stunning focal point in your home. Get inspired and create a cozy and inviting atmosphere with these fireplace makeover ideas.
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What can you do with an unused fireplace? These simple empty fireplace decorating ideas will help you beautify this space! Discover how to decorate an unusable fireplace with candles, logs, fairy lights, lanterns, plants, cardboard, mirrors, books, shelves, vases, statues, figurines, decor, shiplap, tiles & more. These bohemian, modern, rustic, farmhouse, coastal, decorating ideas will help you fill & style white, black, fake, faux, non working fireplaces in a living room, kitchen or…

Kelli Broussard
Transforming Our Non-Working Dining Room Fireplace - Swoon Worthy Home, Dining Room, Interior, Home Décor, Taupe Dining Room, Dining Room Remodel, Pink Dining Rooms, Luxury Flooring, Living Room Decor

Some call it a non-working fireplace, I call it a ‘hole in the wall’. The place where there was at one time a fireplace and at some point in time, someone (tragically) decided to rip it out, plaster it up and call it good. I’ve seen quite a lot of them in my time and […]

Jeanne Lujan