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Explore a collection of free embroidery PDF patterns to inspire your next project. Download and start stitching beautiful designs today!
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Enjoy this free printable beginner embroidery pattern. This floral hand embroidery pattern is made just for beginners who are learning.

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Seasonal freebies for you lovely people :) A few days ago I asked on my Instagram account if I should post the pattern for this plant and since some of you answered positively, here it is! But surprise surprise! There are 3 patterns instead of 1 actually. The thing is, I stitched this plant quite a while ago, in 2017. At first, I wanted to work all 3 patterns and offer them as tutorials in my Etsy shop. But some things went wrong. After I completed the first one, I offhandedly worked the…

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Enjoy this free printable beginner embroidery pattern. This floral hand embroidery pattern is made just for beginners who are learning.

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21 Websites with cute and free hand embroidery patterns. More than 21 free embroidery patterns to download and make today! Easy, beginner friendly hand embroidery designs to learn new stitches and make beautiful hoop art. DIY embroidery pattern freebies for beginners. Floral hand embroidery designs for hoops and decor. 21 Beautiful embroidery patterns to download for free.

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Sometimes we are stumped with what embroidery design we want to use. Perhaps we are bored with our normal go to pattern, or maybe we just can’t find the perfect fit for a project. This amazi…

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18 More websites with free embroidery patterns. Modern hand embroidery designs to download for free and print at home. DIY Embroidery home decor.

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Looking for free embroidery patterns? We've found some blogs and websites that offer free hand embroidery patterns for whatever mood strikes.

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