Egg shell uses

Discover unique and creative ways to repurpose egg shells. From DIY crafts to natural remedies, explore top ideas to make the most of your egg shells.
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Learn how to make egg shell calcium powder in this post. Did you know: calcium from natural and dietary sources is better absorbed and utilized by the body than calcium supplements, and it’s healthier and safer as well!

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You've got to love eggs - healthy and nutritious and they come in their own biodegradable packaging. But rather than sling them out next time you whip up a cake or have a dippy egg, consider some alternative uses for the shells. Add to compost Eggshells give a great boost to soil, so rather than binning them, add them to your compost. The shells can take several years to break down, so give them a helping hand by crushing them up a little first. Garden pest deterrent Smashed egg shells are…

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