Egg salad sandwich recipe healthy

Try this easy and nutritious egg salad sandwich recipe for a satisfying and healthy meal. Discover how to make a delicious sandwich that is packed with protein and flavor.

The secret to extra protein in this healthy egg salad is using part mayo and part Greek yogurt! Don't forget the spices and dijon.

Casey Mailman
Try this Egg Salad Recipe, it's the perfect Salad for Sandwiches: Veganise, Eggs, Lemon Juice, Dijon Mustard, Eggs, Fresh Dill, Celery,... Find the full recipe on the blog. Elizabeth Rider #ElizabethRider

This is my all-time favorite egg salad recipe for sandwiches. It comes together in about 10 minutes if you already have hard-boiled eggs, and less than an hour if you need to boil the eggs. The fresh dill really makes it, so use it if you can find it. If you don't have any fresh herbs on hand, this egg salad recipe is still great. If you like it, please leave a star rating in the comments to help other readers in our community.

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