Easy physics projects

Explore a variety of fun and easy physics projects that will spark your curiosity and ignite your passion for science. Get hands-on with these engaging experiments and learn the principles of physics in a practical and exciting way.
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It's so easy to make a balloon car that really moves! This simple STEM project teaches kids about physics in a fun and interactive way. See concepts like kinetic energy and Newton's laws of motion in action! (Read more on those below.) Use simple materials, like a water bottle and bottle caps, to create a balloon powered car that moves on its own! It's SO FUN to race the cars and to see how far they'll go! This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something we may…

Emma Belmont
Photo is a bit too much glueing, but several on the site are simpler.  basic posicle arm and a car...Hydraulic projects for kids! simple and fun!

Easy Hydraulic Machines - Engineering Projects for Kids: This project is easy to build, and it allows young engineers to get hands-on experience with the power and delight of a hydraulic-powered mechanism. For easier facilitation, you can fill the syringes with air instead of water. An air pressure-powere…

Guinevere Chadwick