Dropped ceiling

Transform your space with these creative and stylish ideas for dropped ceilings. Enhance the ambiance and functionality of your room with these inspiring designs.

Hiding unsightly pipes, ductwork, wires, and other imperfections on the original ceiling can be easily accomplished by installing a dropped ceiling. Usually placed on top of a traditional ceiling, dropped ceilings are often referred to as suspended or drop ceilings. They are secured from the main ceiling using metal wires and tracks. Dropped ceilings are […]

Lynette McQuaid
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Are the ceilings in your home looking less than perfect? Maybe the plaster is pocked or sagging in places, or the drywall is damaged. Or perhaps you want to jazz up a room or two by replacing your plain, flat, white ceiling with the look of wood or metal. Whatever your reason, if you’re thinking […]

Belaine McCabe