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Transform your beauty routine with vintage dressing table ideas. Discover elegant designs and creative storage solutions to create a charming and functional vanity area.

Staying indoors over the past few weeks has lead everyone to think more about our home and the areas we’d like to work on. I don’t currently have a dressing table - I go between my bathroom and using the top of a chest of drawers for this function - and it’s something I really want to organise prope

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"It was a dressing room, as I supposed from the furniture, though much of it was of forms and uses quite unknown to me. But prominent in it was a draped table with a gilded looking glass, and I made that out at first sight to be a fine lady's dressing table." ~Charles Dickens, 'Great Expectations' I have been working on this post for quite awhile - taking photographs and choosing the ones I liked best. I love dressing tables - they make me think of old-world fashion and femininity. Ladies in…

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