Dream shower

Transform your bathroom into a spa-like retreat with these top ideas for your dream shower. Indulge in a luxurious bathing experience and start your day on a refreshing note.
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For some rich people, a shower isn't just a shower. No. It's also a work of art. After all, what's the point in cleaning yourself if you can't look good while you're doing it? Check out these awesome showers to see what we mean...but there's a difference. They've all been hilariously altered by an artist who goes by the name of Artxauroraxart. After all, if we can't afford to bathe in luxury then at least we can laugh about it!

Curbless Showers: 7 Reasons To Shower Without Curbs on the Main Line - Cottage Industries Inc. Bathroom Interior, Humour, Home Décor, Bathroom Interior Design, Bathroom Spa, Luxury Bathroom, Shower Design, Bath Remodel, Small Bathroom

Many homeowners love to include the latest trends when they remodel their bathrooms. At Cottage Industries, we believe there are trends, and then there are smart trends. A curbless shower is a design trend we think more homeowners should fall in love with. Here are our reasons why.

Jennifer Jones