Dreadlock accessories

Elevate your dreadlock game with our collection of trendy and unique accessories. Find the perfect accessory to add flair and style to your dreadlocks and stand out from the crowd.
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A mixture of earthy coloured spiral locks to use for tying your dreads in different hair styles with out applying pressure, hurting them or damaging them. The wire inside helps to bend the hair tie and secure it exactly where you want it. You can also use this bendable tie on normal hair (especially very curly hair), as a bracelet or necklace when it's not in use on your dreadlocks or your hair. Options available: 1. Black 2. Brown 3. Green Size: 50cm approx (may be slightly longer) Please…

Mozhghan Farrashzadeh.
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Remember hair wraps? I don't mean using a scarf to craft an updo. I mean boho-summer-chic hair wraps from those summer vacations you went on as a teenager. The ones where you wrap thread around a lock of hair in varying patterns and colors to create a look that's unique to you. It's time for them to make a comeback!

Dana Austen