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Experience the thrill of speed with drag bike ideas that will leave you breathless. Explore the top drag bike designs and modifications to take your racing game to the next level.
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The European sprint scene has exploded in the past few years. As well as the famous Glemseck 101 sprints, we’ve now got the Sultans of Sprint and Essenza series. And no self-respecting festival is complete without the roar of tuned machines racing down the eighth-mile. The bug has bitten many custom builders, but the adrenaline rush has a downside: building a successful drag bike is a journey that never really finishes. And no one knows that better than Schlachtwerk’s Tommy vom Hof, whose…

Born Again: Vintage Triumph Drag Bike – BikeBound

"Born Again" -- a 60's-style show-and-go drag bike, built from a snow-buried frame... Back in the 1960s, it wasn't unheard of for a single drag racer to build, tune, ride, and show the same bike. It was an era when the drag bikes were naked, so you could go down to the strip and actually see wha

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