Dog cold treats

Keep your furry friend cool and satisfied with these delicious cold treats designed specifically for dogs. Treat them to a refreshing snack that they will love!
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Every year millions of cases of the common cold are recorded in the United States, and that doesn't include all of the people that do not seek medical treatment for a cold. Most people wait for the virus to run its course, while treating the symptoms with over-the-counter remedies. Learning how to treat a dog with a cold is similar, but you can't use the same over-the-counter products.

Laura McKinnon
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We are elated to bring you another installment for our #TOCDIY series, featuring our latest diy-er, Kira Burkhart and her mini American Shepherd, Bailey. Kira told TOC, “We love to go for nature walks and practicing recall, but it's a lot less fun handling stinky high value rewards with cold fingers

Stephanie Federico