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Take your DnD game to the next level by organizing and optimizing your notes. Explore these top ideas to keep track of characters, plotlines, and more for an immersive gaming experience.
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For updated guidelines to more easily determine the deadliness of a combat encounter, please see the Lazy Encounter Benchmark: A Simple Measure for D&D Encounter Deadliness. Note: This article is repo...

Jakub Konstanty
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Look no more Finaly a vintage looking character journal for your iPad! File: PDF Instructions inside: YES Number of pages: 61 Spells as stickers: YES Fillable forms: YES and also a version for iPad The prefered layout contains 61 pages - but you can manage them as you want - all that hyperlinked ! What sections are inside? - Character details - Backgound/Backstory - Titles/Achievements - Class table - Atributes cards - Attack and HP card - Features - Spell lists - Spell cards - Usable…