Diy knitting needle case

Organize and protect your knitting needles with these creative DIY ideas. Discover the perfect case to keep your knitting supplies neat and easily accessible.
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I’m really excited to present to you my newest sewing pattern, the Needle Pouch. This handy little pouch is the second pattern I’m publishing under LAOLA patterns, the pattern brand I created together with my friend Alex Roda. As always you can expect a very detailed sewing pattern with in depth ins

Lisa Scheppers
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Christmas gift-making activities are in full swing over here! This week, I made a knitting needle organizer for my mother-in-law. I’m sad to say that I don’t own a single knitting needle to display in it. (I hope you’ll forgive my display of markers in the organizer instead.) My organizer ended up with a total of 24 pockets ranging from 1″ to about 4″-wide; you can certainly customize the pocket quantity/sizes as you see fit. The tallest slots should be able to store up to 14″ needles. Oh…

Ruth Dobson