DIY Halloween door decorations

Get ready to spook your neighbors with these creative DIY Halloween door decorations. Transform your entrance into a haunted spectacle and create a memorable experience for trick-or-treaters.
These Halloween paper garland cutouts are SO CUTE and surprisingly simple to make! This is such a fun Halloween craft for kids! Even teens, tweens, adults and seniors would have fun making them! They'd look great hung up on a door, on the walls, or even in the window! What a simple paper craft for kids and a great way to make some non-spooky DIY Halloween decor! Spooky Diy Halloween Decor, Halloween Paper Crafts, Halloween Crafts For Toddlers, Halloween Crafts Decorations, Fall Crafts Diy, Diy Decor Crafts, Paper Crafts For Kids, Creative Crafts, Pink Halloween

These Halloween paper garland cutouts are SO FUN to make and they're surprisingly simple! If you have some coloured construction paper, a pair of scissors and some tape, you're ready to rock! Fold the paper, cut out your favourite shapes, then watch the magic as you open them back up again to see your garland of connected shapes. Seriously, every single time I was amazed by how cool and fun they looked! Coloured construction paper is something we have plenty of, and it's SUPER easy to work…