Diy 70s costume women

Get groovy with these DIY 70s costume ideas for women. Stand out at your next costume party with these retro-inspired outfits that are easy to make at home.
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It’s no secret, the 70s are my favorite decade of women’s fashion and music. It might have something to do with being born in the 70s or it could just be the fact that the 70s brought us such an amazing vibe still strong today! If you are planning what to wear for a 70s… Read More »What to Wear to a 70s Party

Jenni Raincloud
DIY Disco Ball Costume - Studio DIY Cosplay, Costumes, Outfits, Costumes For Women, Outfit, Fancy Dress, Moda, Vestidos, Cool Halloween Costumes

There’s been a resounding chorus of “NO THIS ONE IS MY FAVORITE!” between everyone at the studio each time we complete a costume, but this disco ball costume is gunning PRETTY hard for that spot. Now, this guy does involve a little paper mache, so it’s one of our more time intensive costumes, but if …

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