Dividing integers

Learn how to confidently divide integers with these top tips and tricks. Improve your math skills and conquer any division problem with ease.
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I have loved the notebook we are doing in class this year. I have a combination of foldables, handwritten notes, and practice. I am actually a little worried we might run out of room before the end of the year. I'm going to have to start watching my pages. Here are some of the pages we've done over the last few weeks. This was an idea from a co-worker. We use algebra tiles to teach integer operations and having this reminder is good for the students. This was one of my favorite lessons of…

Hayley Fontenot
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Hello, In our last post, we discussed how to add and subtract positive and negative integers. Today, we are going to learn how to multiply and divide by positive and negative integers. It is basically the same thing as multiplying and dividing normally, but we need to memorize some rules so we do not mix any signs up. Rules to remember: 1.) Positive x positive = positive 2.) Negative x negative = positive 3.) Positive x negative = negative 4.) Negative x positive = negative 5.) Positive…