Dividend investing

Learn how to grow your wealth with dividend investing. Explore proven strategies to generate passive income and build a solid investment portfolio.
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Dividend 101 - Investor Glossary

StockScape | Welcome to StockScape - we make investing for beginners easy and delightful. Never heard about dividend or value investing? No problem! Our mission is to spread knowledge and make the stock market accessible to everyone, especially those who are new to the game by providing easy-to-digest information about listed companies. Never felt confident enough to get started? Don't let fear or lack of knowledge hold you back – it's never too late to start your journey towards financial…

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4 Stocks for Monthly Income

You can find the list for 2022 here. It’s pretty common for people to look into dividend stocks if they’re looking for monthly income. This is especially true for people who are retired, who are nearing retirement and the early retirement FIRE movement folks. Dividends are the portion of the profits that’s paid out to ... Read more

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