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Types of Diodes: A diode is a two-terminal device, having two active electrodes, between which it allows the transfer of current in one direction only. Diodes are known for their unidirectional current property, wherein, the electric current is allowed to flow in on…

Diode: Definition, Symbol, and Types of Diodes | Electrical4U

A SIMPLE explanation of a Diode. Learn what a Diode is, the symbol for a Diode, and the different types of Diode. We discuss exactly how a Diode works, as well as ...

Diode tutorial : construction and working - Gadgetronicx

Construction, Working, VI characteristics of a PN junction diode is covered in this Diode tutorial. Working of diode in forward and reverse bias conditions

Zener diodes - Operation, Symbol and V-I Characteristics

Zener diodes are silicon semiconductor devices that can allow the passage of current in both forward and reverse directions. Unlike p-n junction diodes, they

What is Diode? Construction & Working of PN Junction Diode

Construction and Working of PN Junction Diode. Types, Advantages and applications of Diodes. What is a Diode and How does it Work. V-I Characteristic of a Diode

Active and passive Commonest (Very Easy Explanation with Examples) Active Components: Those devices or components which required external source to their operation is called Active Components. For Example: Diode, Transistors, SCR etc... Explanation and Example: As we know that Diode is an Active Components. So it is required an External Source to its operation. Because, If we connect a Diode in a Circuit and then connect this circuit to the Supply voltage., then Diode will not conduct the curren

What is the Difference between Active and Passive Components? The following basic explanatory post with examples shows the main difference between Active and Passive Components. Active Components: Tho

Diode Symbols - Electronic and Electrical Symbols

Zener Diode Symbol, Schottky Diode Symbol, Backward Diode, Tunnel Diode Symbol, PIN Diode, LED Symbol. Photo Diode, Laser Diode, Varector, SCR, Shockley Diode Symbol

Working of PN Junction Diode with Biasing, Characteristics

The PN junction forms a semiconductor device called P-N Junction Diode. A basic tutorial on characteristics and working of PN Junction Diode.

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